jaldeer asked:

I saw you made a mod for the easel that came with the Prism Art Studio and I was wondering if you could make a mod that enables the 2 stained glass windows to be available in buy mode or buydebug? Those 2 windows were the only items not available in buydebug. The rest of the glass objects I found in buydebug. Thank you if you do.

Yep! I can do that tonight after dinner!

Set your Travel Easel Free…ish!

The Portable “Travel Easel” tuning mod!

by Me, alizatina

What this mod does is make the Travel Easel able to be put into your inventory and placed on other lots! (Has to be lots sadly :/ )

All you have to do is place it on your lot, drag it to your sim’s inventory like any other portable item, go to which every lot your artsy sim feels like getting inspired, and plopped the art easel down on a level 1x2 area (the green boxes around it, like the basegame easel!)

Is your sim too hot/bored/hungry/lazy or it has started raining when you are outside and their newest masterpiece not done yet? NEVER FEAR! You can drag the item (unfinished painting and all), place it back into your sim’s inventory, and next time you take it out, the painting will still be there at the same progress as before! :D

This does NOT contain the actual easel, you do NEED the store item from the Prism Art Studio! However you accomplish that, I don’t care! lol


Mediafire: [X]

Box: [X]

Please do not re-upload or claim as your own OR just take my edited file and use it! (Learn from it, but just make your own!)

Special thanks to Inge for S3PE! :D



Hello simblrs XD. Happy Chinese new year!! (we call it the Chinese Spring Festival).

about this conversion boots, I recognized that BMV had already done it before, but by that time everything was done and I was just about to releasing -_-, and I decide to put this up for download anyway because they’re not absolutely the same.

Click to see Part.2


  • 3 channels recolorable.
  • available for YA-Adult Female.
  • original mesh&texture by SC4, modified by me.

               ★ Download ((Dropbox))  |  ((360cloud))


*welcome to tag #m1ssduo if you use any of my downloads :)

OMG Amazing boots! :D



To welcome the year 2014 I textured a few skysims hairstyle.

I cropped the #094 a bit, all aren’t shiney and I don’t recommend using them on light hair. You can use them but I think they look better dark. blah blah I can’t fix it, ok?! and sorry for the shitty preview. eee but I think the photo is kind pretty. I like frost.

Anyways, here you go to download them:

Download #094 {.sims3pack + .package}

Download #157 {.sims3pack + .package}

Download #155 {.sims3pack + .package}

I hope you are all having a great year 2014! and enjoy Sherlock season 3 :) i’ll do.